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LED Lighting and controls upgrade

  • 03 October 2021

  • EA Technology

Building Decarbonisation

This was a relatively quick and easy project to start our journey to Net Zero! The task required a comparatively small capital outlay but was expected to have a relatively quick return on deployment. There were very few complexities that needed resolving before the work could begin. Upgrading to LED’s would save us money and carbon by reducing our electricity consumption. It would also decrease building maintenance requirements, reducing the frequency of requests to our Facilities Team to replace expired fluorescent tubes.

We decided to replace all the lighting across our site with LED’s. This involved replacing approximately 1,500 lamps. In some cases, if the old fittings were not suitable, it was necessary to replace or modify the fittings. It was necessary to hire a cherry picker to change the light fittings and bulbs in some locations we use as warehouse areas due to the ceiling height.   The work was carried out by our Facilities Team, supplemented by two electricians. The high number of lamps and fittings that needed replacing meant that the whole exercise took about 6 weeks to complete. The change to LED’s altered the Lux levels and glare in some offices led to requests from colleagues to make minor changes to the lighting configuration. This meant that the task took longer than initially planned. Motion sensors were fitted in a few more locations to turn lights on and off automatically.

We made these alterations prior to the COVID19 pandemic. When the changes to the lighting were made the building was bustling with about 150 people in per day.  Since the start of the pandemic, the building is now used far more sporadically, with a regular occupancy nearer 30 per day. Although occupancy is expected to rise again it is not expected to be anywhere near the pre-pandemic levels. With hindsight it would have been beneficial to put in far more motion sensor switches, especially in public areas where lights get left on for convenience like kitchens and corridors. The low level of occupancy makes this efficiency far more cost effective.

Find out more about the lessons we learnt, some useful tips and the cost of deployment, download and read the case study on the right hand side.

This upgrade work was completed as part of the Net Zero Cheshire Building Decarbonisation project, part funded by Cheshire and Warrington LEP. For more information about the work that we have undertaken to decarbonise our HQ building, and advice for other businesses wanting to make a similar journey, please visit: Home | Net Zero Cheshire (eatechnology.com)

LED Lighting and controls upgrade

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