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Low carbon heating system Case Study

  • 26 April 2022

  • EA Technology

Building Decarbonisation

A strategic decision was made that the area on the top floor of our HQ building needed modernising. The area comprised of several larger rooms used as meeting and training facilities, and some much smaller offices.
These offices, which had sloping ceilings due to being located in the roof space were very narrow and could have a claustrophobic atmosphere. They could also get uncomfortably warm in the summer and cold in winter.
It was decided to improve this space to make it a more hospitable place to work.

The first step was to improve the thermal efficiency of the area. This work will be covered in a future case study.
We decided that, rather than removing the plumbing and radiators for the original central heating system on the top floor area, which may have created problems for the heating circuit, they would be left in situ but turned off using the radiator thermostats.

Find out more about the lessons we learnt, some useful tips and the cost of deployment, download and read the case study on the right hand side.

This upgrade work was completed as part of the Net Zero Cheshire Building Decarbonisation project, part funded by Cheshire and Warrington LEP. For more information about the work that we have undertaken to decarbonise our HQ building, and advice for other businesses wanting to make a similar journey, please visit: Home | Net Zero Cheshire (eatechnology.com)

Low Carbon Heating System Case Study

Please download our case study here

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