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CBRM model predicts 20% fewer replacements than the age-based approach would give

  • 24 June 2021

  • EA Technology

Case Studies - HV

Based in Australia, ENERGEX distributes electricity to more than 1.3 million residential, industrial and commercial customers across a population base of around 3.1 million.


To assess all electricity distribution network assets and the risks presented to the business. Develop a range of investment options to reduce risk,improve network performance and maximise investment benefits within imposed capital budget constraints. Provide fully auditable means to support regulatory submission.


Calculation of condition profiles and health Indices for either specific assets or asset groups, using company data, sample asset inspections and extensive EA Technology asset condition database. Quantification of asset risk presented using derived probability of failure data and consequences of failure information, consolidated into a comprehensive risk model. Development of a portfolio of detailed future asset investment options designed to manage risk to an acceptable level over the medium term.


ENERGEX now have: A recognised and auditable system which supports efficient regulatory reporting. A CBRM software package for improved asset management (20% fewer replacements recommended).The ability to refresh asset data efficiently (24 hour cycle.CBRM underpins ENERGEX’s ability to make prudent and efficient investment decisions. PB (independent consultant) recommended that the proposed capex, based on CBRM outputs for the asset replacement/renewal programme was accepted with no changes.