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My Electric Avenue

  • 04 May 2017


EA Technology is delighted to have led the My Electric Avenue project. The results mean that we now have a much better understanding of how the local electricity network is likely to cope as sales of plug-in vehicles continue to rise.

In areas where there may be capacity challenges, we also have a solution that can help minimise the need to upgrade some networks – and this translates to some huge cost savings that you will see in this report. So the headline outcomes from My Electric Avenue are impressive. However the actual journey down My Electric Avenue has also been very interesting.
When we first presented the idea for My Electric Avenue –including the need to recruit 100 neighbours to drive an electric car for 18 months as part of the trial – many people believed that it could not be done. But the project did indeed find 100 people who were interested to trial an electric car and associated new technology to control their charging. In fact many thousands of people expressed interest in taking part via our website.

Mark Sprawson


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