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New Thames Valley Vision (TVV)

  • 04 May 2017

  • EA Technology


About the project

New Thames Valley Vision (NTVV) is a £29.9  million project led by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) . The objective of the project is to evaluate smart grid solutions being tested on the electricity distribution network in Bracknell and the surrounding area. Working with householders, and commercial businesses the project aims to explore ways to help us, collectively, manage networks more effectively.

Solutions being evaluated

The project evaluates a variety of ‘smart grid’ solutions including automated Demand Side Response (DSR)  using building and energy management systems and complimentary network solutions such as street level electrical energy storage. The project is focussed towards  Low Voltage (LV) networks.

Experts in Business as Usual

Vital to the success of project and the implementation of these solutions into business as usual is the integration of these elements into business systems, processes and industry design. The dissemination of the learning that is developed during the project is also crucial to the acceptance of these solutions by customers; by the industry; and for the wider promotion of the low carbon economy.

As a trusted partner in this sector, our strength lies in our ability to take tested ideas and evaluated technologies and help Distribution Network Operators, practically apply them to real networks – change management with a technical edge. We understand the pitfalls, challenges and complications encountered between developing ideas, generating required knowledge from network trials and implementing them, our experience in transferring proven and tested trials to Business as Usual is unique in the Future Networks market place.

  • Strategic bid Development
  • Policy assessors and writers
  • Integration to Business as Usual
  • Training needs assessment & development


Through evaluation of the Project Outcomes, EA Technology has created a suite of new policies and associated technical guidelines that can be adopted by electricity distribution companies when the time is right to press the trialled systems into day-to-day business.The results of the findings for policy revision will be shared with all those who use the documentation including the electricity generators, the electricity distribution and supply companies, manufacturers, and trade associations .

“EA Technology provided significant support in helping us successfully win the NTVV bid in 2011. Their rigorous assessment of the project, with anticipated learning’s and outline of requirements comes from many years of industry and sector expertise – they are a trusted partner.” Stewart A Reid, Head of Asset Management and Innovation, Scottish & Southern Energy Networks


EA Technology assessed the training requirements needed to implement the Thames Valley Vision Outcomes. From this, new training materials has been created to support the future implementation of the new systems and ways of working described in the policy documentation. The training material has also proved to be a useful resource for general dissemination. producedwill be produced and trial courses will be organised and run to evaluate the effectiveness of the training material. Our expert consultants will then recommend the best way to provide training to all of the Thames Valley Vision stakeholders.

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