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Rising and Lateral Mains: A platform to drive added network benefits

  • 19 January 2022

  • Chris Lowsley


Rising and Lateral Mains (RLM) is the name we give to the electrical distribution system in multi-occupancy buildings such as apartments and flats. Electricity rises through the building on mains cables and laterally through service cables to individual properties to provide them with power. The VisNet Hub can provide 24/7 monitoring of quality of supply and changes in normal running conditions i.e. pre-fault activity which could lead to a loss of supply. When such events are detected the VisNet Hub can provide alerts to instigate investigations into the cause of the problem.

Our VisNet Hub increases network visibility and will help to improve the performance of the network, giving an enhanced quality of supply to all connected customers. It will also act as a critical enabler to provide enhanced Analytical Services in the form of Apps which can be downloaded onto the device without having to visit the substation.

Benefits of Deploying VisNet Hub:

-Proactive Fault Management
– Pre-fault detection

  • Detection and Identification of Quality of Supply issues
  • Informing strategic investment
    – Health Indices
    – Probability of Failure
    – Planning purposes
    - Feasibility to install EV charge points
  • Support for local communities and businesses (access to data)


Key Questions and Answers:

Q1: Do you own a multi-tenanted property?

A1: If yes, are you confident that your rising lateral mains are fit for purpose and not at risk from power failure due to poor condition of the electrical infrastructure.

Q2: Why is it important to monitor rising and lateral mains?

A2:Because it will help us to reduce the risk associated with internal mains and potential hazards resulting from asset failure. This could lead to public safety risks due to fire and smoke within high occupancy buildings with constrained points of access.

Q3: Why do we need to monitor with VisNet Hub?

A3: Visnet Hub will provide you with the network visibility of your rising lateral mains and will provide early warning of impending electrical faults which may lead to loss of supply or worse still, a fire risk.


Chris Lowsley
LV Product Manager