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UltraTEV® Plus² with Wireless Phase Reference

Making Partial Discharge data analysis easy and accurate

"The new wireless phase reference accessory has been introduced to ensure an accurate phase lock in any environment."

To effectively understand and prevent partial discharge in high voltage systems, it is crucial to prioritise phase lock. This can lead to improved data analysis and better informed decision making.

So, what exactly is a phase lock?

A phase lock is applied while recording PRPD (phase resolved partial discharge) patterns to ensure data quality. It effectively matches the frequency of your test instrument to the typical 50/60Hz frequency of the HV network, whilst conducting PD tests.

As PD occurs, it will generate discharges or events that can be captured and plotted along one cycle of a 50/60Hz sine wave, creating a pattern which can be interpreted.



Achieving a perfect phase lock has never been easier. Get your Wireless Phase Reference today!