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Partial Discharge (PD) Training

Our two-day course from the pioneers of Partial Discharge (PD) technology, covering PD theory, PD detection instruments and PD measuring techniques.

Detecting and measuring Partial Discharge activity gives a unique insight into the condition of MV and HV assets without the need for expensive shut downs or invasive testing.

EA Technology pioneered PD theory and has developed an award-winning range of PD detection instruments and condition assessment techniques that help you achieve greater network reliability and prolong asset life, while at the same time greatly enhancing operator safety.

The two-day course will introduce you to PD theory and the instruments used to measure PD in a range of equipment and cover continuous PD monitoring of critical assets and explaining how to analyse and interpret the data you collect in greater detail.

Upcoming Sessions

1-Day Partial Discharge Refresher Course

Dates: 13 February 2023

2-Day Partial Discharge Training Course

Dates: 13-14 February 2023


SIT @ Nanyang Polytechnic

Why attend?

$1100 - $2200

Course duration 1 Day, 2 Days

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