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Solutions for Cross Sector Utilities

The utilities sector, including road and street works, will play a crucial role in the journey towards achieving net zero in Great Britain. Their business-as-usual practices present unique challenges to decarbonisation. With gas usage currently required for electricity generation, heating, and fueling vehicles, finding a replacement renewable energy source with similar energy density and safety record is no easy task. While hydrogen shows promise as a renewable option, it also presents challenges in terms of volatility and storage.

Clients' Main Objectives:


Enable businesses to comply with climate legislation and meet their decarbonisation goals

Create a more resilient energy system and ensure a reliable power supply

Ensure lower costs for businesses, while maximising efficiency and revenue opportunities

Respond to customer pressure for lower carbon emissions

Generate higher levels of public trust, as businesses demonstrate their commitment

Development of the hydrogen economy



Get expert advice and support from a team with over 50 years of experience in the energy industry

Develop a clear roadmap to identify and evaluate low carbon technologies that bring value

Leverage local community ties to overcome decarbonisation barriers

Create innovative and cost-effective business models to accelerate your net zero transition

Access up-to-date insights into what energy networks and wider industries are doing

David Mills
Head of Net Zero Transition
Yaashiene Pukazhendi
Consultant, Net Zero Transition