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Solutions for Industry

The transition to net zero will bring significant changes to the way we produce and consume energy. As businesses face growing pressure from consumers to consider their environmental impact and rising costs, it is crucial to establish an informed, strategic view. Our Net Zero Transition team works closely with businesses to develop customised decarbonisation roadmaps that take into account short and long-term opportunities for renewable generation, electrification of heat and transport, changing energy system costs, financial incentives, and emerging technical and regulatory opportunities.

Clients' Main Objectives:


Maximise profitability and reduce costs through efficient energy consumption

Compliance with current and future regulations on emissions

Maintain uninterrupted operations during peak demand periods

Respond to customer pressure for lower carbon emissions



Get expert advice and support from a team with over 50 years of experience in the energy industry

Develop a clear roadmap to identify and evaluate low carbon technologies that bring value

Leverage local community ties to overcome decarbonisation barriers

Create innovative and cost-effective business models to accelerate your net zero transition

Access up-to-date insights into what energy networks and wider industries are doing

Thomas Stone
Consultant, Net Zero Transition
Timothy Butler
Senior Consultant, Net Zero Transition
Will Thomas
Consultant, Net Zero Transition