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Oil Sample Transportation – Do it the Safe Way

  • 21 April 2023

  • John Joseph


Our last blog explained how to get a good quality sample inside 500ml glass bottles.The next step is the journey and transporting the samples safely. 

The first thing is to ensure the type of transportation system is adequate for the job and the journey ahead. Whether it is sturdy plastic crates with robust oil resistant foam inserts or cardboard boxes packed with a lot of bubble wrap, you need to be certain the bottles are going to be protected. 

There are several things that could go wrong during transportation, which ultimately could result in the loss of the sample. This can lead to additional costs for re-sampling and also can cause health hazard implications such as broken glass and PCB exposure, which is also an environmental hazard. 

Packaging & Protection 

There are many ways to protect the bottles during transport but here’s how we do it at EA Technology: 

Figure 1: EA Technology standard Oil sample crate

The transportation crate – EA Technology utilise a sturdy blue crate which is easily sealable and secure with a 12 bottle or 6 bottle system (the crate is actually the same for both just different inserts inside!). Our crates come with everything you require from sample bottles, labels, sampling guides and even crate clips to secure the top on its return journey to us. All supplied as part of any oil contract. 

The most important part of the return system is the oil resistant foam inserts. Our crates utilise a base insert with cut outs for the base of each bottle to sit in, a second insert is then added on top of the bottles which has holes to slot over / around the neck of the bottles, securing both top and bottom in place. We then have a third tray style insert which fills the top of the void in the crate completely. This one is a vital piece as it prevents not only upwards movement of the bottles but also gives space for returning valuable documentation and information with the samples to ensure traceability of the samples. 

Once filled and the inserts are in place simply close the lid and use the 2 yellow clips to fasten the lid securely shut. The samples are ready for their journey. 

For those critical and urgent samples we also provide a single bottle pack which is triple packed. The bottle and label sit inside an air-filled bag and then inside a cardboard tube. The tube then sits between two foam inserts inside a secondary cardboard box giving three layers of protection! 

All our crate systems come with a laminated packing guide along with the sampling guide discussed in our first Blog of the series. 


Figure 2: Crate ready for shipment

Unless the samples are dropped off personally at the laboratory, the return journey is a bit unknown, and this part of the process is out of both our hands. However as long as the process is done properly, and the packaging (as previously detailed) is utilised correctly then the samples will be safe in their journey. The samples can be sent back by your chosen courier or some laboratories will offer a courier service for you. 

EA Technology use DHL as our chosen courier for our Oil Diagnostics services and all you need to do is send the collection request in either by email or call us and we will make the arrangements for you. DHL will then turn up, pick the samples up and drop them off with us the next day, it couldn’t be simpler. 

Whatever courier service you or your chosen laboratory use, the way the samples are packed is vital. Your the crates and packaging should be of the highest standard to ensure your samples are protected well in transportation, follow this rule and you can’t go far wrong! 

Step 1 Sampling and Step 2 Transportation complete……now it’s over to the lab for the analysis. 

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John Joseph
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