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EA Technology launches new phase lock accessory for its UltraTEV® Plus²

  • 16 October 2023

  • EA Technology


EA Technology, specialist in asset management solutions for owners and operators of electrical assets, has launched an innovative new accessory for its UltraTEV® Plus² instrument for partial discharge (PD) detection.

The new Wireless Phase Reference (WPR) unit makes PD data analysis easier and more accurate by helping to ensure a high-quality phase lock.

The compact and robust WPR unit connects to the UltraTEV Plus² via Wi-Fi. It offers a reliable and versatile method for providing a phase lock to match the frequency of the test instrument to the 50 or 60Hz frequency of the HV network. This allows PD events to be plotted on a phase resolved partial discharge (PRPD) display, to allow patterns to be interpreted on the first attempt at surveying, ensuring effective time management of staff.

A high quality phase lock is essential to be able to differentiate between PD and noise, as well as to enable discharges on different phases to be detected.

EA Technology has put customers at the forefront, considering feedback that the most common methods of generating phase locks were often unreliable and inconsistent, sometimes due to substation layout, or to accidental user error. The newly developed WPR emits a wireless signal once it has connected to a phase lock and can be easily maintained throughout a substation survey.


The advantage of the WPR accessory is that as a separate unit from the handheld instrument, it is unaffected by the actions of the user. For example, accidental blocking or shading of the UltraTEV Plus² on-board photosensor.

David Russell, HV Project Manager at EA Technology said: “With our award-winning UltraTEV™ range we strive to help customers achieve more effective and accurate detection. The introduction of the Wireless Phase Reference accessory for the UltraTEV Plus² is the latest part of this commitment and the result of listening to feedback from customers.”

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