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Regardless of whether you have encountered challenges with Partial Discharge (PD), it is crucial to understand its risks. Industry studies reveal that insulation degradation is the primary cause of failure in switchgear with 80-85% of disruptive failures stemming from insulation issues.

Our award-winning UltraTEV® Plus² is designed to detect PD early, crucial for preventing costly outages and ensuring uninterrupted operations. It incorporates enhanced sensing capabilities and real-time analytical features, enabling precise differentiation between true PD, noise, and other interference. This capability empowers you to make informed decisions swiftly, saving valuable time and resources, whilst enhancing the safety of your employees.

Why Choose the UltraTEV® Plus²?

Simplify your PD survey process

Our on-device prompts guide the user through the PD detection process. This approach delivers a step change in PD data quality, providing many operational benefits when compared to traditional survey methods

You don’t need to be a PD expert to conduct PD surveys - our Guided Mode simplifies PD surveys by interpreting data directly on-screen.

Managed Surveys Integration

The UltraTEV Plus² has evolved from a periodic inspection tool into a vital component of proactive switchgear maintenance plans. It now offers a structured approach to PD Detection, guiding users through the entire process and effortlessly synchronizing data with our cloud-based Managed Surveys platform, providing access to expert analysis.

This integration seamlessly fits with asset management systems. By comparing PD results to identify trends, it improves early issue detection and decision-making capabilities, supports strategic decisions, ensures effective maintenance planning, and extends the lifespan of your assets.

Versatile PD Detection and Adaptability

UltraTEV offers a comprehensive range of accessories for precise PD detection across diverse asset types and environments.

Ensuring reliable performance from substations to switchgear, transformers, and cable networks, addressing PD challenges comprehensively.

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