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Understanding Failures with Power Forensics

  • 10 June 2016

  • EA Technology


Failures of MV and HV electrical assets can result in serious power outages and often make headline news.

Forensic science is best known for identifying the causes of aircraft crashes or gathering criminal evidence, but it is increasingly applied to the understanding of degradation and failure mechanisms which lead to electrical equipment failure and cause network outages. 

Just as investigations into air crashes have dramatically improved aircraft design and operation, and thereby made air travel much safer, lessons learnt through forensic investigations can reduce the occurrence or repetition of expensive and dangerous failures, and ultimately lead to an increase in the safety and reliability of assets and ensure network availability is maintained.

This in turn leads to better asset management, through more effective condition monitoring techniques, maintenance policies, and investment or replacement decisions.

This article discusses:

  • Forensic Investigation Process
  • Evidence Accumulation
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Business Outcomes
  • case Study: Cable Failure


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