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Online Cable Condition Assessment (CDC)

Online Cable Testing System Identifies and reports Partial Discharge (PD) activity in Live Cables

Being able to test HV/MV cables without taking them out of service avoids disruption to your business, whilst delivering valuable insights into the condition of these key assets. Our skilled staff collect condition information on-site quickly and easily using our Cable Data Collector simply by attaching split core High Frequency Current Transformers (HFCT) to the cable earths. Three core belted cable or single core cables can be accommodated, and data is captured in minutes.

Three Phase Data Capture

HFCT on Cable Earth

HFCT on Cable Earth

Once the condition data is safety collected and stored it is a simple task to transfer it to our analysis software, where our experts will review and analyse the results, producing a customised report for you containing recommendations for any follow up actions. 

Reports with Results, Analysis and Recommendations


  • Identifies cable defects before they fail
  • Does not require an outage
  • Quick, safe and non-destructive
  • Expert cable condition analysis & reports provided
  • Allows you to make informed decisions on remedial action or replacement


  • Detects and measures PD activity in single and three phase cables
  • Works with most insulated cable types up to distances of several miles
  • Our staff can test many cables during a single visit.
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Business Development Manager


CableData® Collector

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