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Lightning System Audits

To protect against disaster we will audit your facility to establish the worthiness of your current lightning protection system.

Our experts will calculate the probability of lightning striking your facility and for the most economical and effective design to be put in place.

This is aided by our unique database of 30 years of lightning activity. If your current system is below the standard required to protect against damage, injury and threat to life, we will recommend and specify an upgraded system for you, one that is both effective and economical.


  • Detailed site assessment and risk assessment process in line with BS EN 62305
  • Ensure any lightning protection installed is efficient and compliant to protect your assets and staff from injury or loss of life.
  • Use our recommendations for any upgrades for internal works or tender specifications
  • Final sign-off to confirm compliance with BS EN 62305


  • Expert assessment of your lightning systems’ effectiveness and risks
  • Includes EA Technology’s unique 30-year database of lightning activity in the British Isles and parts of North West Europe
  • We can design a cost-effective system upgrade if necessary

Cost-effective Lightning Protection

EA Technology does not make sell or install lightning protection systems we are completely impartial, with our only goal being to provide you with the optimum balance between cost and risk mitigation for specific sites.

Undertaking a site survey and carrying out measurements is the first step taken by our expert team, this helps us to establish what level of lightning protection currently exists and their effectiveness together with their suitability for modification.

The highly-trained personnel at EA Technology will then undertake a risk assessment of each individual building/structure at the site and identify the areas that are at risk. Examining this data together with the geographical location of the site enables us to produce a comprehensive risk profile for your site.

Using all the collated information our experts are then able to provide you, the client, with a detailed report of recommendations, identifying the most appropriate techniques for lightning protection.

EA Technology are members of GEL/81 that oversees any changes to BS EN 62305.

Tony Dowd
Head of Consultancy Sales

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