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Offline Transformer Testing

Power transformers are among the most strategically important and expensive components on any network, and data on their health is therefore vital for effective asset management.

Business benefits

  • Develop Health Indices to estimate
  • Check condition following fault conditions
    or overloading
  • Extend transformer life
  • Maintain high utilisation of existing
  • Improve loading capabilities
  • Identify transformers at risk of failure
  • Prevent expensive and disruptive failures
  • Minimise replacement costs
  • Improve decision making for future load
  • Improve safety

Market-leading service partners

  • EA Technology has 40+ years’ experience
    of working with electricity asset operators
  • We provide comprehensive on-site testing
    and analytical services
  • Plus in-depth expertise and support
    for clients to optimise their asset
  • Testing programmes tailored for
    individual clients

Transformer testing services (UK only)

  • Winding resistance
  • Excitation current
  • Turns ratio
  • Capacitance
  • Tan Delta
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)
  • Dielectric response
  • Leakage reactant
  • Partial Discharge

Added value management information

Transformer Diagnostics Testing is a key element in effective, condition-based asset management, which can:

  • Establish the present condition of transformers
  • Determine their future performance
  • Identify if current maintenance practices are suitable – or further interventions are required
  • Help evaluate financial and operational risks to the business
Phil Smethurst
Business Development Manager

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