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Solutions for Local Authorities

Local authorities will play a crucial role in the transition to net zero. With their broad remit and intimate knowledge of their communities, they are best placed to integrate activity on the ground. Our consultancy services can help local authorities understand the energy transition in their area and develop strategies to meet national net zero ambitions.

Clients' Main Objectives:


Model complex infrastructure requirements with ease and accuracy

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the latest technology and challenges

Save time by obtaining necessary regulatory funding quickly

Maximise value from innovation through an experienced partner



Quickly model the impact of low carbon technologies across networks

Make use of innovative network technologies to reduce costs and improve efficiency

Save time and money through trials of flexibility services or low carbon technologies

Utilise EA Technology’s expert knowledge to help and devise an effective decarbonisation strategy

Enhance decision-making by understanding what has been tested in other regions

Louise Guthrie
Consultant, Net Zero Transition
Ben Taylor
Senior Consultant, Net Zero Transition
Esther Dudek
Senior Consultant, Net Zero Transition