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WinDEBUT has been the ‘go-to’ low voltage (LV) network design tool for network operators, connection providers, contractors and consultants in the UK for nearly 40 years.  It is based on demand and generation profiles rather than peak load, and this allows the user to design reliable networks at the lowest possible cost to the customer.

The tool supports both planning and design of LV networks, including assessments of demand-side management and embedded generation.  It can be used for planning entirely new networks or adding connections to existing networks, and the models it creates are widely accepted across the UK electricity distribution sector.

WinDEBUT is a Microsoft Windows package, providing quick and easy LV network design and analysis in a familiar environment. Our current development focus for LV network design and analysis is on ConnectGrid, a full-featured web-based replacement for WinDEBUT, but we are still offering transition deals to help customers move from WinDEBUT to ConnectGrid. Please contact us to find out more.


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