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The RFCT Hotstick is designed to allow you to temporarily install RFCT on live cable grounds while maintaining a safe distance.  If local safety practices allow, the RFCT Hotstick can be used to facilitate testing on live cables.

The RFCT Hotstick combines an EA Technology RFCT and a standard 4-foot shotgun hotstick. The shotgun action allows the user to open and close the RFCT from the far end of the stick.  This allow a user to be distanced from the cable ground connection when applying the RFCT.

ANSI type switchgear usually has the cable termination completely enclosed in the cable compartment. This is unlike IEC type gear which uses a gland and has the cable ground connected outside the HV compartment.  Because there are often exposed conductors in the vicinity of the ANSI cable grounds, shock and arc flash are significant concerns. 

Careful use of the RFCT Hotstick can allow the user to reduce, but not eliminate, the shock and arc flash risk. There is a cable coming from the RFCT that connects to the measuring device. Until the RFCT is placed on the ground strap and secured from further movement, a shock hazard exists on the cable.

The RFCT Hotstick can also be used on cable terminations on riser poles to reduce the required approach distance.

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