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Failure of your high-voltage switchgear and cabling could cost millions in repairs, replacements and fines. But most failures don’t happen in a flash – they can be predicted from warning signs, most notably partial discharge (PD).

By watching your cables and switchgear, EA Technology’s Astute HV Monitoring® service can alert you to suspicious spikes and pinpoint which parts of your HV system should be investigated.

Award-winning technology

Every year, the Institute of Asset Management has an award for innovation. In 2018 our Astute HV Monitoring® solution won against determined competition from National Grid, ISA CTEEP and others. It’s just one addition to our trophy cabinet and shows a commitment to innovation that has run through EA Technology for decades.

Astute monitoring can be deployed as a system the user installs and operates, or a service where the hardware and analysis is provided by EA Technology experts.

Power rests with you

Together we’ll investigate the nature and magnitude of any issues, and advise you on whether you need to take urgent action or simply carry on monitoring the situation.

Either way, the fault is now under your control. You decide whether to undertake repairs during the next routine maintenance phase or to isolate part of the HV system while you do investigations, repairs and replacements.

On rare occasions, you might need a complete emergency shutdown, but again, it can be done properly with all safeguards and procedures observed, and with warning given to affected parties.

Monitoring pays for itself

A single catastrophic outage can cost more than several years’ worth of Astute Monitoring®.
By flagging issues earlier and letting you fix your HV system at a time that suits you, you can save the costs of:

  • Lost productivity;
  • Replacement of damaged switchgear, cables and other components;
  • Unplanned labour – overtime, weekend pay;
  • Outage fines (especially in public power supply);
  • Reputational damage
  • In terms of due diligence, Astute HV Monitoring® is priceless.
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‟"SaskPower has used the Astute service for a year now on one of our problem substations and it’s been valuable to get personalized reports pointing out change in PD activity. With the different sensors we are able to trend with equipment humidly. When a blizzard blew through last winter the small snow particles found their way into our equipment and the PD alarmed, we were able to monitor real time as our heaters and fans brought down the humidity and PD."”

Daniel Field

Apparatus Manager at SaskPower