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Compliance with ISO 55000

Consistently achieve corporate objectives through the implementation of an ISO55000 compliant Asset Management System.

We understand the important role an effective Asset Management System has in providing a framework to consistently achieve corporate objectives through the creation, management and review of Asset Management objectives and plans. EA Technology can guide you through the journey of developing and implementing an ISO55000 compliant Asset Management System that will maximise the value of your organisation’s assets.

Our guidance and support services are designed to support organisations in their desire to become ISO 55000 compliant or to realise better value from their assets:

Training – we can support your training requirements by offering several ISO 55000 courses, which are designed to increase knowledge of ISO55000 and Asset Management including:

PASS 55 to ISO 55000: Are you ready? A one day workshop for those companies who are either transitioning from PAS 55 to ISO 55000 or who are part way through PAS 55 and are now considering switching to ISO 55000.

ISO 55000: The route to effective asset management. A 2-day course aimed at guiding you through ISO 55000.

The Essentials of Asset Management: This 2-day course offers a unique perspective on Asset Management; it provides practical lessons on a variety of approaches and ‘how to’ guidance for key stages of Asset Management implementation.

Strategic guidance advises how an organisation can operate their assets to meet the company objectives.

Gap analysis evaluates an organisation’s Asset Management System against the requirements of ISO55001. We can audit an organisation’s Asset Management System to provide an understanding of what’s required to help reach certification. The outcome of an gap analysis evaluation identifies the gaps between the requirements of ISO55001 and the organisation’s Asset Management System, plus it provides the organisation with recommendations of how to close the gaps to become ISO55000 compliant.

Asset management & implementation EA Technology can support an organisation with:

  • The creation of an ISO55000 Asset Management System ‘Road Map’ (derived from a gap analysis evaluation);
  • Embedding in the organisation required changes needed and the required changes needed to achieve ISO55000 compliance;

Supplying Asset Management services, such as:

  • Policy writing
  • Procurement Specifications
  • Documentation of operational procedures
  • Internal Auditing
  • Assessing and developing Asset Registers

Auditing & certification.- EA Technology can support organisations in their journey to achieving ISO55000 certification with: When you are ready, we’ll ensure you are compliant pre-certification. Our IAM endorsed ISO55000 assessors perform an independent assessment of your business in terms of ISO55000 compliance. We can support your journey to ISO55000 certification with:

  • Pre-audit compliance checks
  • Verify whether the organisation is ready and prepared for a certification audit. Our Institute of Asset Management (IAM) endorsed ISO55000 assessors would perform the independent assessment of:
  • The Asset Management System in term of ISO55000 compliance.
  • How ready and prepared the organisation’s staff are for a certification audit.

ISO55000 certification audit

  • EA Technology through its endorsement by the IAM can audit an organisation’s Asset Management System to determine whether it can achieve ISO55000 certification;
  • EA Technology can certify ISO55000 compliant organisations;
  • Note: EA Technology will only provide an ISO55000 certification audit for organisations that we have not assisted with any implementation services

ISO 55000 compliance certification (Note: we only provide an ISO 55000 compliance audit for organisations that it has not assisted with any implementation services).

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