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Solutions for DNOS

The transition to net zero energy will bring seismic changes to energy networks, creating unprecedented challenges for distribution network operators (DNOs). The increase in the amount of generation connected throughout the electricity network, combined with the growth in demand from the electrification of heat and transport, will present significant obstacles. Moreover, as the use of intermittent and inflexible sources of generation increases, DNOs will need to be more nimble in accommodating these fluctuations. Alongside these challenges, there is uncertainty around the route to net zero, with factors such as technology development, political support and economic trends all having an impact. In this context, it is essential that DNOs invest in their networks to ensure they facilitate rather than hinder the transition. However, they must do so effectively and efficiently, minimising costs and guaranteeing fair access – all while providing solutions to these complex issues.

Clients' Main Objectives:


Model complex infrastructure requirements with ease and accuracy

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the latest technology and challenges

Save time by obtaining necessary regulatory funding quickly

Maximise value from innovation through an experienced partner



Get expert advice and support from a team with over 50 years of experience in the energy industry

Develop a clear roadmap to identify and evaluate low carbon technologies that bring value

Leverage local community ties to overcome decarbonisation barriers

Create innovative and cost-effective business models to accelerate your net zero transition

Access up-to-date insights into what energy networks and wider industries are doing

Kate Thompson
Consultant, Net Zero Transition
Karen Platt
Consultant, Net Zero Transition
Sebastian Lindmark
Consultant, Net Zero Transition