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Building upon the capabilities of the UltraTEV Plus², the addition of the Barrier Spacer UHF Sensor provides a comprehensive solution for precise partial discharge (PD) detection across the full range of high-voltage GIS switchgear.
This accessory, when used in conjunction with our HFCT, Contact Probe, and in-built UHF sensors, forms a complete PD detection suite tailored for GIS assets.

Why choose our UHF Barrier Spacer Sensor?

Fully Integrated GIS Solutions
Our Barrier Spacer UHF Sensor can be used in conjunction with HFCTs, Contact Probes and other UHF accessories, providing a complete PD detection suite tailored for GIS switchgear.

The portable design makes it ideal for conducting regular PD surveys across multiple GIS bays, allowing you to quickly visit each bay in turn.

Sector Specific Applications
This new sensor is ideal for the electricity transmission and generation sectors, where EHV/HV GIS switchgear is prevalent.

Advanced Technology
Our UHF accessories are independently tested and validated to meet stringent requirements for switchgear environments. With sensitivity ratings surpassing industry norms, it helps
ensure precise PD detection, providing confidence in the results you obtain.

Seamless Integration
Accessing UHF results is now even easier thanks to Managed Surveys. It handles the transfer of information from the UltraTEV® Plus². This allows you to access the results on our cloud-based platform and provides a fully managed condition assessment solution for your routine PD surveys.


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