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UltraTEV Managed Surveys can help drive your condition data transformation.

With our vast experience in PD detection and measurement technologies, we are experts in this field of technology.

Managed Surveys migrates the UltraTEV® Plus2 from a periodic inspection tool to a fully managed asset condition assessment. 

The Managed Surveys cloud based software is broken down into the following headings:

  • Define or import assets with ease
  • Drive consistency whilst reducing on device data input.
  • By using onsite field data you are able to improve on overall quality of asset data.

  • Create structured templates for data collection.
  • Apply consistent measurement policy by population, asset type or site.
  • Customise workflow with bespoke on-site questions.

  • Create and specify work orders
  • Schedule and assign on site activity
  • Provides an overview of job progress

  • Auto generated asset overview guides the user to areas of concern
  • A blend of graphical tools, automated analytics, and rich data sets
  • Identify developing trends with simple access to previous survey results including detailed phase plots
  • Alternatively, EA Technology can look and interpret your results by managing the process and leaving you to take the field measurements


Why choose Managed Surveys?
The Process
David Russell
Project Manager